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GAC Group: Innovation News

GAC Group is an international consulting firm with expertise in R&D tax credits, innovation financing and international development.

You will find out below some information about opportunities to improve your access to public funding in Singapore, and a few tips to help you finance your innovation.

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Enhanced tax deduction:...



Flash Player Security Flaws Used in Most Exploit Kits, Security Research Shows

Flash Player continues to put computers across the world at risk due to its vulnerabilities and a new research conducted by RecordedFuture shows that cybercriminals are still looking for security flaws in Adobe’s solution to compromise computers.

A total of 6 of the top 10 vulnerabilities used by exploit kits this year impacted Adobe Flash Player, with just one security flaw...


Coalition Against Insurance Fraud: Insurers urged to report cases

An open letter from state fraud bureaus to insurers

Hello from Venus. To my neighbors from Mars, the NAIC’s Anti-Fraud Task Force discussed last week how we all have noticed a decline in referrals state fraud bureaus are receiving from insurer victims. Howard Goldblatt’s followup FraudBlog pursued that theme constructively.

Notice I used the word victim. We consider...